Make every trip to the mountains easier, safer and more FUN….by getting stronger.


Your most important piece of gear is not your boots or jacket but your fitness!

Hillfit: Strength outlines a step-by-step approach to developing fitness for hiking and backpacking.

For only £10, this 121 page ebook explains how you can improve your conditioning for hiking by training at home with no special equipment. An easy read, it will transform your days in the outdoors! You don’t need to know anything about exercise and won’t need to go near a gym!


Fully revised, updated and expanded.  Hillfit v 2.0 now includes  contributions from leading exercise scientists and trainers.

Hillfit: Strength is not about selling you a book. It is about an approach to improve your time in the outdoors, making it safer, easier and more fun.

Getting stronger is the most important thing you can do for your fitness as a hillwalker / hiker / backpacker. Hillfit:Strength explains why and shows you how to get stronger with a set of exercises that are simple and safe.

  • Simple – There is no need for a gym or any equipment. The exercises are easy to learn, gross body movements. It might only take 15 minutes a week
  • Safe – exercises are selected to minimise risk and keep the body in natural positions. The last thing you want is for your training to injure you. It is no use doing “functional” exercise if you cannot function afterwards.

Hillfit: Strengthis a plea for those who enjoy the outdoors to invest a little time in this simple set of exercises and to get stronger. It will transform your experience in the wilderness and improve your health.


What you will learn

Strength: the most important thing that the average person needs for fitness in the mountains.

You will discover:

  • Why fitness is the ultimate piece of hillwalking kit
  • How getting stronger can give you more enjoyment from your time in the outdoors
  • How to train if you can’t get to a gym
  • Why simple training is the best option
  • How strength makes everything easier, even walking
  • Why stronger muscles are more efficient
  • Why being stronger makes you less likely to get injured, making each walk safer
  • How strength training can make you healthier: fight the effects of ageing & burn body fat
  • Why strength training will give you stronger bones
  • How flexibility is built on strong muscles rather than stretching
  • Why balance is vital to walking and how it relies on strength
  • How strength training can give you improved cardiovascular fitness without boring hours on the treadmill
  • The simple principles that make muscles stronger
  • The reasons why not every activity should qualify as exercise
  • Why you still need develop skills as a walker
  • How exercise in the outdoors can banish depression
  • Key techniques to make every exercise more effective, even the humble pushup
  • How to choose safe and effective moves that the minimise the injury risk of training, leaving you fit for the hills
  • A simple routine of exercise, with harder options to try as you get stronger, that you can start to apply right now
  • Why you should not stretch before exercise and what you should do to warm up instead.

And now NEW in version 2.0

  • How to apply your strength to the skill of walking
  • Bill DeSimone on how to choose safe exercises
  • Steven Sashen on how to walk more efficiently
  • Todd Hargrove on strategies to improve balance
  • Tim Anderson on the miracle of crawling….
Simple moves, done properly...

Simple moves, done properly…

Backpacking Fitness. Hillwalking Fitness. Hiking Fitness. What you need most is strength! Whether bagging Munros or tackling a long distance trail this booklet has something for you.

Hillfit:Strength – Fitness for Hillwalking, Hiking and Backpacking is available for immediate download for only £10 (that is about $15 for the readers in the USA)


Why Be Hillfit?

This is just a means to an end. This is not ultimately about the exercise but about making it easier, safer and simply possible for you to get to places like this. Get stronger and then get out there…


About Chris Highcock

Chris Highcock has had a regular fitness column in the leading UK hillwalking and backpacking magazine, TGO (The Great Outdoors). Obsessed by fitness since he started training with weights as a teenager he later gained BAWLA (British Amateur Weightlifting Association) qualifications in weight training. Now he operates a popular blog at Conditioning Research that highlights current developments in exercise and fitness science. Conditioning Research was chosen as one of Outside Online Magazine’s ‘Top 10 Fitness Blogs for 2011’.

While his fascination is with fitness, Chris’s passion is for the mountains. He spends as much time as he can in the hills around his Scottish home, gradually ticking off Munros and smaller hills. In recent years he has walked in the mountains of Andalusia and the Austrian Alps. Photographs and accounts of walks are posted on the blog “Cairn in the Mist”.

What the Experts Are Saying

I think it is a great book that achieves what it sets out to do; namely to provide a simple, safe and effective program of exercise to improve strength and apply that to the activities of Hillwalking, Hiking, and Backpacking.

I’m not a gym goer or major workout fanatic but I found the four exercises he highlights well described and easy to follow and even after just a couple of sets could start to feel some positive progress.

Chris offers a no-nonsense introduction to applying proper strength training for hill walking. The techniques and tips within this book will allow you to walk farther, higher and with less effort then ever before. Use it to your advantage!

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I have negotiated with some walking / mountaineering clubs to give their members a discount for the purchase of Hillfit:Strength. If you have been given a discount code, please use the button below and when prompted enter the code.

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Is Hillfit:Strength available for a Kindle or in .mobi format?

I am working on it! It takes a little time to do the reformatting and will probably have something available shortly. I will email all purchasers when it is available.

You deal in UK pounds; what does Hillfit:Strength cost in US $?

Paypal automatically does a currency conversion when you buy. At the moment £9.95 works out at around $15

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The ebook is sold as a pdf file, that can be read on any PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Kindle and will be made available to you for download straight away. You can be reading it within the next 5 minutes.


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If you buy Hillfit:Strength and do not think it is worth the price, or have any other complaint, I will refund 100% of your money.



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