Expert Testimonials

Top scientists, fitness trainers and outdoors writers say that Hillfit: Strength knocks it “out of the ballpark” (comments are about the first edition)

“Chris has knocked it out of the ballpark with Hillfit! Although the book is oriented to those who hike or climb, it is applicable to any sport, or even just activities of daily life. In Hillfit Chris has effectively distilled physical conditioning and strength training down to its essential elements. The “why” and hows” are presented more clearly and precisely than I have ever seen. This book will not just be another conditioning book for a specific sport; it will serve to demonstrate for all sports the appropriate separation between physical conditioning and skill conditioning. Bravo Chris!

“Chris offers a no-nonsense introduction to applying proper strength training for hill walking. The techniques and tips within this book will allow you to walk farther, higher and with less effort then ever before. Use it to your advantage!”

“Chris takes a holistic look at fitness for the hillwalker in this easy to read introductory guide to strength training. He develops a convincing framework, highlighting the benefits to the hillwalker of strength training and how it fits into larger picture of good health and positive exercise. I’m not a gym goer or major workout fanatic but I found the four exercises he highlights well described and easy to follow and even after just a couple of sets could start to feel some positive progress. Overall this is an excellent booklet to help you work towards better hillwalking strength without resorting to gym memberships or expensive equipment.”

Nick Bramhall
Lightweight backpacker and blogger at Oh Inverted World

“I think it is a great book that achieves what it sets out to do; namely to provide a simple, safe and effective program of exercise to improve strength and apply that to the activities of Hillwalking, Hiking, and Backpacking. It considers many aspects of program design that are often glossed over when considering application such as its safety and convenience. The program is explained thoroughly with reference to the scientific literature and shows that effective exercise does not require fancy equipment to be scientific, just your own body and an understanding of how to apply the science to it. The book is written with the trainee fully in mind and I hope that this book spurs more walkers to undertake appropriate exercise to improve their strength.”

James Steele II
Exercise Physiologist from Southampton Solent University

“Chris Highcock does a fine job of zeroing in on THE major component of health and fitness as he provides key elements of what it takes to become Hillfit

“Chris has run the top fitness research blog on the net for close to 5 years now. If there is a new breakthrough study that has advanced knowledge in health and fitness Chris is typically one of the first to know about it. Instead of simply giving his opinions about what does and doesn’t work, he lets science dictate his training routines and diet strategies. His new HillFit program is a shining example of this. A simple effective program that can be done at home…100% backed by the most current research regarding strength and conditioning. HillFit will get you systematically and stronger for hiking…bottom line. If that is your goal, this is the right course for you”.

Rusty Moore
Author of Fitness Black Book

“With Hillfit Chris has done a great job of laying out both how and why you should include resistance training in your preparation for getting out on the hills.”

The Hillfit Strength training booklet is aimed at the average hillwalker/backpacker and provides a simple guide to getting stronger with a minimum of time commitment. For many walkers strength is the neglected aspect of their fitness program as it is seen as costly to develop. Not just financially but also in the amount of time we are lead to believe is required You dont need to buy any special equipment or pay gym membership fees to follow this program. The routine can be done at home and requires one or two 15 minute periods in your week allowing you to get on with other things in your life. The exercise routine can be scaled to each persons requirements and is based on the latest scientific research. Many of these sources can be found in the booklets appendix. Readers of Chris’s Conditioning Research blog will be familiar with some of these studies as it has become one of the “go to” sites for anyone requiring details of the latest research on a host of health and fitness related issues. Even if you have never lifted a dumbbell in your life you can follow this program. A warning however. If you thought building strength was only possible by lifting barbells and dumbells and performing multiple sets of exercises for an hour several times a week then you may find your views challenged by this booklet!

Chris Gray
Hillwalker and fitness enthusiast

Chris gets it. Many of us trainer types get so enamored of the process of working out, that we forget the point. We study exercise, we blog exercise, we Google what everyone else says about exercise, we may even actually do the exercise…so much effort and time spent around the workout that we forget to enjoy the benefits of it. Chris puts all that exercise information in the right context: train smart, then go live life.

Bill DeSimone
Author of “Congruent Exercise: How to Make Weight Training Easier on Your Joints